Alexander Kofi

Alexander Kofi is a former Gang Member from the tough streets in Gary, IN, as well as a graduate of Western Michigan University. He is also an Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee at W.M.U, a former World Class Athlete and Two-Time Olympic Trials Semi-Finalist (1984-88), a U.S. National Track and Field Team Member, a Collegiate and High School Track and Field All American, and a 1981 High Hurdle State Champion. 

Alexander is a Recording Artist and Front Man for the JAH KINGS Reggae Band, and has toured nationally and internationally, specifically Ghana West Africa where he was received by the Government of Ghana, Chiefs and Queen Mothers through the Joseph Project. Kofi performed hit song AFRIKAN DIASPORA on national tv in Ghana, and was nominated Best Reggae Performer and Best Reggae CD titled LOVE at the 2002 Chicago Music Award. He spreads musical messages of Unconditional Love, Unity, Peace, and reconnecting to one's Culture

He is a sundancer at Wounded Knee under the Guidance of Chiefs Gerald Ice and Wesley Black Elk direct descendants of Chiefs Crazyhorse and Black Elk. Alexander is also an Ordained Priest of the Order of Melchizedek. He has Blackfoot Lakota, Cherokee/Choctaw, and African/Ashante' ancestry.

Alexander is an activist, philosopher, father, and husband.

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