Chief Jack Caesar

Jack Caesar is a member of the wolf clan and known as Nei Kau Da Zo, given name by Elders from past era, passed on from an elder who was a gifted and spiritual man. The Elders who gave Jack the name are Frank and Margaret Dick of Ross River. They mentored him through times of changes and challenges.

Together with his partner of 37 years Jenny Caesar (Atkinson), married in 1982, they walk a sober lifestyle, and are happy to help and be mentors to their people.

Jack recaptured his language and now speaks fluently. He was taught to respect the land totally. This was after residential school. The times when he walked with emptiness like a lot of his brothers and sisters, with their potentials in tatters and gifts going unnoticed. He survived the dilemmas of yesterday.

In early 2000 the Elders wanted him to run for leadership. He was successful and went on with 2 more terms, followed by one more term of 3 years. There are a lot of opportunities ahead. And as stated, Jack believes we are at the cusp of a new beginning. 

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