Gathering of Traditional Knowledge Keepers and Scientists

From September 9-12th 2017, Traditional Knoweldge Keepers from across Turtle Island gathered with scientists at Turtle Lodge to discuss the bridging of traditional knowledge and western knowledge to address the environmental challenges that we face today. The Gathering was chaired by Knowledge Keepers Dave Courchene and Miles Richardson, and scientists David Suzuki. 

This gathering built on the 1st and 2nd Onjisay Aki Gatherings. In particular, the gathering responded to Onjisay Aki Call to Action #9, calling for relationships to be developed between traditional knowledge keepers and scientists to address climate change. Read the full Onjisay Aki Calls to Action here.

After multiple days of ceremony and discussion, participants authored the Turtle Lodge Declaration, to providing guidance on how to respectfully bridge Indigenous and western knowledges. Read the Turtle Lodge Declaration here.



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