The History of Onjisay Aki

As the Original Peoples, we have lived here in our homeland for tens of thousands of years. Our earth is changing and so must we as people. Onjisay-Aki means “A changing earth” in the Anishinabe language, and it is also the name of a journey we are all on together. Our ancestors left a footprint, a trail founded on Indigenous values of respect, which can lead us all to have a healthy relationship with each other and the planet. Our children are depending on us to follow in those footsteps, walking this trail of peace, friendship and reconciliation.

A New Narrative on Climate Change 

It is time that we begin a new narrative on climate change which recognizes the vital contribution of traditional knowledge Traditional knowledge of the First Peoples will play a central role in guiding humanity to a more sustainable and respectful relationship with the earth.

It is this ancient knowledge, developed over thousands of years of living in these homelands, that captures a profound understanding of natural law and how to live in a balance and peace with all life on earth.

As a Keeper of this sacred ancient knowledge and a lifetime advocate for the earth, Anishinabe Elder Dave Courchene is bringing together the diversity of the human family to learn from each other and articulate a common vision regarding solutions to climate change.

Dave and other Indigenous Elders have selected 24 environmental leaders from across Canada and around the world to participate in the Onjisay Aki Summit. The Summit will be a roundtable discussion, where a declaration outlining shared principals for how we must shape our actions and responses to climate change will be collaboratively produced and documented in writing and video. 

This is an incredible opportunity, creating what we hope will be a historic gathering. Elder Courchene welcomes anyone who may wish to volunteer their hearts, minds, or talents to help this vision be realized for the benefit of all life, now and in the future. 


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