Onjisay Aki International Climate Summit - June 8-10th 2017

As First Peoples, we are hosting an Roundtable Summit on climate change, to bring our Indigenous knowledge of living in balance with nature’s laws together with contributions of other prominent climate leaders and environmental stewards from the international community.

The Summit will bring together 24 individuals representing the diversity of the human family to express our common vision, values, and consensus on action-based solutions to climate change. We believe this vision will provide guidance for current and future generations, led by Indigenous values and connection to the earth. Dave and other Indigenous Elders have selected environmental leaders from across Canada and around the world to participate in the Summit, which will be a roundtable discussion on how we must shape our actions and responses to climate change.

The Elders of Turtle Lodge have created a statement of values which will provide a foundation for the roundtable conversation at the Climate Summit. This statement describes the path that we need to take to return to a more sustainable way of life - the Trail of the Turtle.

Speakers at the Onjisay Aki Climate Summit are invited to bring forward defined action(s) to address climate change, from their unique perspective and with recognition of the Indigenous values of the Trail of the Turtle. 

These collective actions will be articulated in the Onjisay Aki Pledge, which will be released publically following the Summit. This pledge will carry the message of peace and stewardship around the world.

The Summit will be followed by a special ceremony, beginning on the eveining of June 9th and continuing until the night of June 10th. The ceremony will involve building a Thunderbird nest, and dancing in the Ogijida Lodge.



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