Taksha' Pu'juta Win - Deanna Pashe

Hau mitakuepi! Anpetu de cante waste nape ciyazapi do. My name is Taksha' Pu'juta Win (She Walks with Her Deer Medicine). My English name is Deanna Pashe. I’m Dakota from the Dakota Tipi First Nation in Manitoba, Odawa from Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reservation in Ontario. I grew up in a traditional home, going to Sun Dance and ceremony with my family. I live in Winnipeg, MB where I work for Long Plain First Nation as their Financial Administrator for the Urban Reserve.

Deanna is a talented and accomplished Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager, with more than 8 years of experience. Furthering her education, she is now half way through in completing her Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree with Laurentian University and her Chartered Professional Accountant Designation. With her versatile skills, Deanna choose her career to give back to her communities needs with her extensive financial and accounting background.

Deanna is currently the elected Assembly of First Nations Youth Executive of the National Youth Council, National Advisory Committee on First Nations Child Welfare with Cindy Blackstock, and David Suzuki Foundation for the Scientia Planning Committee on Linking traditional knowledge with science.

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