Onjisay Aki Summit Highlights

From June 8-10th, 2017, Knowledge Keepers and leaders gathered in the Turtle Lodge to discuss onjisay aki, "our changing earth", and how to bring Indigenous leadership and ancestral knowledge to the forefront. 

With participants and attendees from across Turtle Island and internationally - from as far as Peru, Japan, China, and England - the gathering was truly a unique and historic illustration of Indigenous leadership in times of climate change. 

Over three days of discussion evolved a clear message:  Indigenous ancestral knowledge and sovereignty is the foundation for restoring a way of life in balance with nature for all of humanity.


Onjisay Aki Summit Roundtable.  Led by Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, participants from around the world gathered to discuss and share wisdom to guide us through times of a changing Earth - onjisay aki. 


Guided by Ceremony.  Discussions were led by traditional Indigenous ceremonies and protocols for sharing ancestral knowledge.


The Planting of a Seed at Onjisay Aki.  A corn seed was planted at Turtle Lodge, gifted by Inka leaders from the Peruvian Amazon.  The seed for Indigenous Peoples is a symbol of a way of life embedded with values and founded on stewardship of the Earth.  This seed will grow and give life to alliances, relationships, and actions we must take together to restore a balanced relationship with Mother Earth.

Building a Thunderbird Nest.  The Summit culminated with an ancient ceremony to build a Thunderbird nest, to acknowledge and reestablish a human alliance with nature. 

"There is still so much incredible knowledge that our people have that the world has never heard."    - Lawrence Nayally, Dene Nation


Photo Credit: Steve McCullough


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