Paqarina Wanka (Sonia Astuhuaman)

Paqarina Wanka (Sonia Astuhuaman) has found the way of the Inka, her ancestral spirituality.  She makes ancestral ceremonies in Spiritual Energy centres, like ancient temples, in Peru and is an advocate for rights of indigenous peoples at gatherings all over the world.

Paqarina Wanka practises Natural Medicine.  She is a Natural Medicine Specialist, having graduated from the University of Trujillo.

Paqarina Wanka is a Yachay Andina, an Andean Medicine Woman, and a teacher that cares for and protects mother nature and her macrocosms.  She has been called to defend the Patsa Mama (Mother Earth).  Under the protection and spiritual guide of her ancestors, Paqarina has the inherited knowledge and responsibility to honour and protect the the earth. 

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