Yoshimaru Higa

Born in Okinawa, Japan, he is a shaman and doing divine activities by divine revelation is called “Kaminchu”in Okinawa.

Yoshimaru inherited the divine activities from his mother “Hatsu” and has started it since 1993. His mission is to avoid natural catastrophes, terrorism or political, economic turmoil. Praying for the earth can achieve a balance and harmony to help pass the baton of life. His divine activities spread not only in Japan but also worldwide.

He and his wife Rica have been invited to many gatherings, such as The Return of the Ancestors Gathering in Arizona, Sacred fire ceremony Greenland, and Igniting the fire gathering in Canada.

Yoshimaru is unfortunately unable to attend the Onjisay Aki Summit, but will be represented by Kumiko Ahara.


Kumiko Ahara

She sympathized with Yoshimaru & Rica’ s divine activities and has been helping transcribe words of God through them. She became an official staff since last year. Her role is connect people and bring harmony. She has traveled to Guatemala, Russia and China as a divine prayer.


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